Vanna White: Celebrity Net Worth

Vanna White has been a celebrity in her own right for more than 35 years now as the co-host of the wildly popular game show, Wheel of Fortune. Along with host Pat Seajack, Vanna helps the contestants solve the puzzles by revealing letters when correctly guessed. It is certainly a difficulty job, but one that someone must do.  Vanna White is an easily recognizable name that we all love so much if you want to know more about the Wheel of Fortune co-host you’ve come to the right place.

The Vanna Name

Vanna is a woman who needs no last name to be recognized. There are few women with names so spectacular they’re known on a first name basis, but Vanna certainly is. Vanna White has earned quite the name for herself over the years as that Wheel of fortune co-host. Her beautiful good looks and great body have certainly helped keep her in the spotlight, and helped her acquire her celebrity net worth of $15 million. Yes, you read that right, and Vanna White has earned this whopping figure by simply turning over the letters and being her naturally beautiful self.

It All Began

Vanna White began co-hosting Wheel of Fortune in 1982.  As luck would have it, Vanna was a contestant on the game show The Price is Right two years earlier in 1980.  White was added to the Wheel of Fortune as an extra after Susan Stafford left the position. Soon, Vanna highlighted her beauty, her charm, and her gracefulness, and after changes were made to the game show, became the co-host and letter flipper that we all know and love today.

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A Personal Look at Vanna White

Vanna White was born Vanna Marie Rosich on February 18, 1957.  She was born in Conway, South Carolina, to Miguel Angel and Joan Maier Rosich. White’s father is Puerto Rican, while her mother is white American. The last name White came about after Vanna’s father left the family and her mother remarried. She took the last name of her stepfather.

Aside from her main role on The Wheel of Fortune White also wrote an autobiography book which became a best-seller. She also appeared in a Playboy pictorial and has appeared in several movies, including the 1988 made for TV film Goddess of Love.

Vanna White is a name that people young an old know, and while there have been any others to fill her shoes, we’re most certain that no one could do the job better than Vanna. And it just wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t see her beautiful face and dazzling ensample every night when we watch the game show. And there is no reason to think that she is going away any time soon. She loves her job and all the fans that she has, and with a net worth of $15 million, why would you want to do anything else in this world? Vanna certainly found her calling with this show all those years ago.