Random online thoughts on some of the famous things said

You know, life is like a box of chocolates, because you never know… We left this famous quote incomplete on purpose. We are not yet sure whether you will find it on purpose driven sites like lifequoteslibrary.com, but like the famous guy said, you never know. Either way, if you don’t recall what was said in the end and you are curious, all you have to do is go to your internet search engine and type in the very words we have provided you with, and there you go, presto, quote complete. This quote was uttered by an unlikely fictitious character who, against all the odds, went on to achieve great things in his life.

Now consider this, even though this guy had his limitations he could go on to do a great deal of things that we can only dream of doing. And yet we all more than likely have a great deal many talents and abilities than this poor creature had. In his story, he even met the president of the USA. This was to say thank you for serving the country well. The president was dishing out the thanks, not our hero. Nevertheless, the debate rages on as to whether this president was one of the best of the modern era. Yet, he made one remarkable statement that stirred all patriotic emotions.

You could never ask what your country must do for you but rather ask yourself what you could be doing for your country. Across the ocean, many years later, one of the great liberators of the modern era proclaimed that never would one group of people discriminate against another again. Great words indeed, but sadly, still not adhered to. Nevertheless, the world remains tumultuous, and yet the remarkable people that stand out in this day and age do not seem to fear the world as we know it today. Perhaps they were inspired by another great leader.

It certainly reminds us of what many are going through right now. There is no debate about this particular gentleman. History indeed records that he was quite possibly America’s greatest president of the last hundred years or so. He called on his people to not fear a thing. It was a nonchalant statement and yet it remains profound, still to this day. A latter day president has remarked that he has often been inspired by the great works of the famous men we have just mentioned in this article. On the one hand, he had remarked that ‘he makes me want to be a better man’, and on the other, he rallied all and sundry to believe in change and embrace it.


Perhaps in our darkest hours, we should remind ourselves of what yet another famous leader once said during his people’s darkest hours. He rallied them all to ‘never, ever, ever give up’. That is the reality of life. As the comical movie character remarked; because ‘shit happens’.